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Ultraman Dyna


The second of the 90s Ultramen, Ultraman Dyna is a very skilled Ultra, as he is the successor of Ultraman Tiga, the ancient Warrior of Light, bearing abilities similar to him. Tiga was a physical fighter that excelled at Energy manipulation, but Dyna's abilities were more focused on beam attacks. His fighting style was similar to the Original Ultraman's, but with more focus on grappling. It is more agile and energetic compared to Tiga's.

Now I'm quite proud of this model because I went through the effort to rip the textures for this models "Transformation" modes from another game since the source models lacked them, thus making it have a total of 12 skins.

0-3 skins are the default "Flash" skin, each one for having the lights of his eyes on, off, turning his color timer red and off.

Like wise, skins 4-7 are his blue and white "Miracle" skin, which follows the same pattern as above.

Skins 8-12, the red skin, is his "Strong" skin, which likewise, does the same.

There is an issue however with the UVs for the Miracle and Strong modes, but that's at the bottom of his feet. I'll fix that later.

The model comes in 4 sizes and is Gmod compatible.




Very cool

ohgodzilla posted 3 years, 8 months ago

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