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M14 Pack


This pack contains an M14 Battle Rifle and an MK.14 Enhanced Battle Rifle, along with magazine props, sets of bonemergeable attachments, and a 7.62x51mm NATO round. Both rifles are fully bodygrouped and rigged.

Full contents list:
M14 Attachments (bonemergeable)
MK.14 Attachments (bonemergeable)
10rd M14 Magazine
20rd M14 Magazine
7.62x51mm round

Both rifles have pretty much every movable part bodygrouped and rigged, including the safety, bolt catch, charging handle and bolt, fire selector, even the shoulder thing that goes up. The fire selector can be set to semi-automatic, fully-automatic, or removed and replaced with a semi-only knob as used on DMRs and civilian M14s and M1As. The stock and handguard have a number of skins for different types of wood and color of handguard, the stock can be switched for a black polymer version, and a handguard with barrel-mounted rail as seen on the SOCOM 16. Standard, EBR, and SOCOM 16 barrels are included, with options for removed front sights for mounting suppressors on the standard and EBR type barrels.

The attachments are a bonemergeable prop that can be merged to the weapon_root bone of the rifles. The attachment options include suppressors to fit every length of barrel, a Harris bipod, and two scopes in a variety of mounting configurations. An M21 DMR style scope is also included.

FP Thread:
coming soon

Danger Close Games - Original M14 EBR, bipod, and scope models and textures.
Vostok Games - Original stock, handguard, and SOCOM 16 barrel models and textures.
Millenia & An Aggressive Napkin - Various parts.
2K Games - Various parts.
Kali - Porting, adding bodygroups, rigging, etc.
Ninja Nub & Pvt. Jenkins/Slim Charles - For putting up with my absurd requirements and making me the sexy SFM promo pictures.

I forget the name of the person who ripped the original models from the MOH:WF and I can't find the thread they were posted in, but If you're reading this, then thank you very much.



Nice work Kali :) We could always use more guns like these, easy to pose and use in renders. Could you make some sniper rifles aswell please. a few 50 cals ? Thanks :) xXx

FoxxyWhiskers posted 4 years, 1 month ago


Any chances you're working on a minigun? (M134 or M61) So turned on by all these guns now... *u* Thank you Kali!

Rapetacular posted 4 years, 1 month ago

Nice work. I subscribed you in steam.

MauserC96 posted 4 years, 1 month ago


Any odds of an M1 Garand?

SketchyAfterDark posted 4 years ago

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