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This file contains adult content! By downloading this file you agree that you are at least 18 years of age and wish to see such material.


This model is a nude muscular version of the character "PowerGirl." Not a whole lot of muscular nude models on SFMLab so I figured I would upload the model although her hair is the main issue. Not sure if it is a vmt issue or the hair itself but I'm going to label it as incomplete for the time being and move on to the next models and If I or someone else finds the problem I will make a updated version with the fix. The one who uploaded the model to Deviantart is CrazyKong all I did was convert it to work on SFM. If there is an issue with the upload please let me know.



Nude muscular ladies. A theme that needs fulfilling! Kudos~

tarohatta posted 4 years ago


Rig file?

the_randomizer posted 4 years ago


The rig should be included in the download.

Sedyin posted 4 years ago

wow nice job first time seeing an actual good muscle girl o.o kudos

Knightthesergal posted 4 years ago


Will you be uploading the Wonder woman nude model from crazykong as well?

Drake_Powers posted 4 years ago


I would love to and have tried unfortunately she has a lot of bones. Removed up to 500 and she still had around 350 which I can't work with.

Sedyin posted 4 years ago


Ah that too bad

Drake_Powers posted 4 years ago


Duuuuude, thanks man, I have her for XPS already, nice to have her in SFM now as well :D. Shame Wonder Woman had too many bones for SFM :/

BradmanX posted 4 years ago

Great model, only thing I wish she had is butt bones

achilles1083 posted 4 years ago


krim1 posted 4 years ago

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