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Izumizaki Nude

18+ Warning

This file contains adult content! By downloading this file you agree that you are at least 18 years of age and wish to see such material.


This model is a character from a game called "Real Play," and her name is Izumizaki. This model is kind of a let down at first I didn't want to upload it because she did not have eyelid or eyebrow bones so it made me think for a bit. This model would probably be best used for posing more than anything although I'm sure someone could make an animation without those bones. Regardless I figured might as well upload it and the one who orginally uploaded the model to Deviantart was DrXPS and his account is gone someone reuploaded it and their name is 4Wearmanytoo all I did as always was convert the model to be used in SFM. If there are any issues with the upload please let me know.



I been playing that game :)

MrGaoyuo2 posted 4 years ago


There's something wrong i think with the spine when using the rig. upper hips don't seem to move with the pelvis. anyone else?

onagiart posted 4 years ago


![enter image description here](https://sfmlab.com/static/emoji/img/val11.gif "val11")

Metssfm posted 4 years ago


Sorry if the rig isn't working just right for her, that was one of the reasons I hesitated to upload her. If her pelvis is rotated too much it doesn't look good at all causing a bulge. Wish there was a better version though I really liked this model.

Sedyin posted 4 years ago


hello I need your help I need to know how to export models blender SFM

eduardocastro posted 4 years ago


I learned converting models through a series of videos and trial/error. If you do want to convert models the only thing you really need is time and patience. Here are a few links that may help [LINK1](https://sfmlab.com/forum/forum/tutorials-4/topic/how-to-port-xnalara-models-to-source-filmmaker-using-blender-12/) [LINK2](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yumzB5YFU28) The 2nd link for the youtube tutorial is a bit outdated but it will show some of the basics. Best of luck.

Sedyin posted 3 years, 12 months ago

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