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Mjrn [Final Fantasy XII]


Mjrn (ミュリン, Myurin) is a non-playable character from Final Fantasy XII. She is a viera and the younger sister of Fran and Jote. She looks up to Fran and wants to experience the outside world, much to the dismay of omg SHE HAS BUNNY EARS!!1! :mimiexcited:

This port was commissioned by Blammo. You can commission your own ports by visiting my commissions site,

This is not a nude model.

With that being said, she does have jiggleboned hair, breasts, ass, and OMG JIGGLY BUNNY EARS!!l! :mimiexcited:

She also has full eye-, face-, and finger-posing, along with full phoneme extraction.

The tufts of fur on the insides of her ears behave weird, and require lighting to be behind her to show up on the front. If you use rimlighting (which you all do, right? :mimiunimpressed:), though, then it shouldn't be an issue. But it is an issue worth mention.

Yeah that's about all I got for you.



I!.... Do not use rimlighting .___. .... apparently I still have much to learn. Anywho, thanks for the model Aardvark, she's a true beauty, I'm glad to see Viera finally entering the SFM scene

NexusDelcate posted 3 years, 8 months ago

you wouldn't happen to have a model for penelo from ff XII would you?

FJKMAN posted 3 years, 7 months ago

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