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The Doctor's TARDIS


An extension of DrMatt's TARDIS rewrite, Steam user The Doctor (doctorwho1200) has created 4 new TARDIS interiors and exteriors to match up with each era. We have the 1963 TARDIS, 1974 TARDIS, the 2005 TARDIS, and the 2010 TARDIS. The 2010 TARDIS interior is a sort of upgrade from DrMatt's version, since it does have corridors/hallways, so it has a bit more to work with.

PLEASE NOTE: Using the interiors in SFM can be a bit tricky. All of the console pieces are separate from the console, so you have to put them on individually. The issue with this is the bones don't always match up, so you'll have pieces of the console floating. So, in the end, it takes a bit of work to get these consoles looking proper.

I'll check regularly for any updates doctorwho1200 uploads to the Gmod workshop, and upload those updates here when I get the chance. Happy Source Filmmaking!

All credit goes to doctorwho1200 and DoctorMemes for these models, and DrMatt for the TARDIS rewrite
Interior Preview pictures credit to doctorwho1200
Exterior previews made by me in SFM



@TheCrimsonLoomis The Smith TARDIS so I able to download it once w/o interruption

CatDraculaX05 posted 3 years, 1 month ago

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