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Bayonetta Voice Pack

Warning: BETA content

This file is marked as "BETA" which means that the contents might be unfinished, outdated or incompatible with the most recent version of Source Filmmaker.


This is not a complete soundpack!
It includes most lines and sfx from Bayonetta 1 and some dialogue from Bayonetta 2

This is probably the last thing I upload since I move away from SFM but I hope someone uses this cause some of the dialogue are perfect for porn!



[Just listen to this line]( and tell me if you don't get any interesting ideas

WillyWanker posted 3 years ago


You stole my idea before I was able to release anything. Pls. :mimiuneasy:

Ganonmaster posted 3 years ago


This is a weird one. The lines are perfect cheesy porno banter, but the added reverb and background noises make them near useless.

ShawaZawa posted 3 years ago



detecter007 posted 3 years ago


Master Ganon! :O What was your idea?

WillyWanker posted 3 years ago


You just gotta make bayo tentacle porn in a cave, proceed to get complemented for great sound design. ![bayo]( "bayo")

Metssfm posted 3 years ago


Metssfm knows what Im talking about.

WillyWanker posted 3 years ago


Hmm, gonna take a bit to undo the reverb and noise, but meh, thanks anyways :)

Servantesnc posted 3 years ago


This is very lazy work tbh

BorderlineFurry posted 3 years ago

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