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Huniepop (Aiko) Voice files


I found youtube videos with all the voice files from Huniepop. The ones I'm uploading now are just Aiko's (my personal favorite). If people want more I can definitely do more.

Playlist of Huniepop voices

I thought it would be cool to use some of the voices for SFM work. And because I love this site so much I wanna give back to the community.


Audrey PLEASE!

waterstars posted 3 years ago


English tho :(

retrojaysftw posted 3 years ago


my favorite lady

hunglikeallama posted 3 years ago



Eddy posted 3 years ago



Eddy posted 3 years ago


Aiko's my favourite too, good choice

Scyllunacy posted 3 years ago

thanks for this dude! can you do one for Audrey too?

the_evil_pancake posted 3 years ago

Yeah Audreys voice is sexy. I plan on doing it for all the girls, except Kyu. For some reason I can't get Kyu's files. I'll start again with Audrey when I have time and update this.

aznanthony posted 3 years ago

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