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Bayonetta Lollipops


I like candy, therefore candy :) anyways I figured some models could use a little something extra for "what have you." The one who uploaded the lollipops to Deviantart is MindForcet all I did was convert the models to SFM format/mdl. The only issue I know of is that one of the yellow lollipops which is not in the picture has a difficult time showing up well in any lighting. If there is any issues with the upload please let me know and I'll see what I can do.



put some materials on those for god's sake. put some effort into it.

Ornstein posted 3 years, 9 months ago


To be honest I don't have much of a clue to which materials does what. The only thing I have been able to figure out is what needs transparency, other than that there weren't exactly any tutorials out there to learn about VMT's. If you have any suggestions or means of help please feel free to let me know, and it is not lack of effort its lack of knowledge.

Sedyin posted 3 years, 9 months ago


Want some candy? :bueno:

Gre posted 3 years, 9 months ago

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