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Dolly Ann Fazbear


I hope you enjoy her I've worked really hard to make her and all the pics for her she is my OC and I think its unfair for only me to have her model so here you go please don't steal my OC


Made with Fuse [Do not criticize me for using Fuse you try figuring out blender its not easy okay]

I've spent almost a week on this model and I posted it for anyone to use if you don't like it Don't use it okay don't waist my time and yours telling me you don't like it any comments that I feel aren't constructive criticism or simply telling me you like the model will be reported

Keep in mind I use this model in SFM I am aware its not the best.


Don't use Fuse and then say "it was hard to make" wtf

Raptoris posted 1 year, 10 months ago

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