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Elizabeth 2016 - BETA 1

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This file is marked as "BETA" which means that the contents might be unfinished, outdated or incompatible with the most recent version of Source Filmmaker.

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Well, I'm sure a lot of you saw this coming the moment I transitioned over to the Daz body.

My infatuation with Elizabeth is well-known, and apparently the general community is as infatuated with her as I am, with Curvy Elizabeth being SFMLab's top-rated model at 313 likes, and the old Canon Elizabeth being #2 at 280 likes.

After five separate attempts that culminated in more hours than I care to admit being wasted, I finally have built an Elizabeth I am satisfied with.

Elizabeth 2016 includes (when it's finished) two separate builds of Elizabeth: A long-overdue canon Elizabeth, and a reconstruction of the beloved Curvy Elizabeth on the new and improved Daz body.

Speaking of the canon Elizabeth, she is canon in more ways than just the fact her breasts and hips are small, though: she has been carefully reproportioned to (almost) identically match her stylized anatomy in Bioshock Infinite, including her high breasts and long, slender legs.

The new Curvy Elizabeth is built on the same foundation as canon Elizabeth, and so has the same general anatomy, but with a few changes: most prominently the larger breasts, hips, and butt; but also with some changes to her arms, legs, and waist.

As you can probably tell, this model is still in beta. Unlike the previous Curvy Elizabeth, whose betas were very spontaneous and sporadic until Beta 4 (which is after interest in her skyrocketed and I realized I needed to actually treat her seriously, rather than the one-off joke she started as), Elizabeth 2016 has a very clear beta roadmap. And unlike the previous Curvy Elizabeth, Elizabeth 2016 will actually be taken out of beta within our lifetime.

Here is the roadmap for the betas. Note this only refers to the major beta releases - things like bugfixes or content patches do not go toward this plan.

  • Beta 1: Initial canon Elizabeth release. Major hairs (Student, Corset, BAS) and skins (Student, BAS) are included, as is full eye-, face-, finger-, toe-posing. Phoneme support is included, as are bodymorphs.

  • Beta 2: Full canon Elizabeth release. Major outfits (Student, Corset, BAS, Lingerie) are included, with full rigging and bodymorph support. Additional flexes will be added to Elizabeth for corset pinch and possibly other body modifiers the clothes would attribute.

  • Beta 3: Initial Curvy Elizabeth release. Resources will be shared from canon Elizabeth release, and as such this is all implicitly included: hairs, skins, posing, phonemes, bodymorphs.

  • Final Release: Full Curvy Elizabeth release. Major outfits are included, additional flexes added.

Note that Elizabeth coming out of beta does not mean that is the last of the work I will do on her. I have plans to eventually bring in her secondary outfits (Young & Old), alternate outfit skins (such as the E3 or Gibbon Girl corset outfits), alternate skin textures (such as runny make-up or punk), secondary hairs (such as the E3 bobcut, Old hair bun, and Young hair ponytail), and non-canon outfits (such as various cosplay outfits). All of these are considered general work, though, and not part of the beta.

Enough rambling on about plans for the future, though! Let's focus on the now!


  • Full eye-, face-, finger-, and toe-posing.

  • Completely rebuilt face-flexes

  • Full phoneme / automatic lip-sync support

  • Entirely reconstructed textures and materials: entirely new eyes, all relevant textures ported directly from Bioshock Infinite (no XNALara or other intermediate involved), custom-built specular map (phong map, for sweaty look) for face.

  • Daz body! And all the things that entails! Such as actually being able to lift her arms above her head!

  • Hypervalid proportions! In a nutshell, SFM requires proportions close to HL2/TF2 models for the IK solver to work properly. I refer to this as "valid proportions". Somehow (and I sincerely don't know why this is the case), fitting Elizabeth's stylized proportions resulted in the SFM IK actually working better on her than it does on HL2/TF2 models, hence the "Hypervalid proportions." You can move her arms and legs to farther extremes than you can TF2/HL2 models, and they won't flip out and break.

  • Bodymorph sliders. Pregnancy, boobs, butt, and belly-bulge flexes.

  • Bodymorph-compliant outfits (requires separate models for the Bodymorph features, has a singular bodygrouped model for default body)

Video Tutorials:

FlexSort - A script solution to sorting flexes

Introduced in Beta 1.1.0, a script that I've been working on has been introduced, creatively called FlexSort.

FlexSort has a little bit of overlap with Mets' Magic Script, in that it adds flexes to the control groups of targeted models (EG gives them groups in the "Face" group, for example, so you don't have to hunt through the "Unknown" group), but with two major differences.

Firstly, FlexSort is not a full IK solution. It is a lightweight operation that can be applied to any model, even static props, and that includes models that already have an IK rig loaded.

Secondly, and more importantly, FlexSort gives the author complete control over the sorting. Mets' Magic Script has its groups more or less hard-coded, and the flexes that are sorted are entirely hard-coded through his regex patterns. While definitely an impressive script, that means that authors are entirely at the mercy of how Mets decided flexes should be sorted - as a creator, you have absolutely zero control over how Mets' script sorts your flexes.

FlexSort instead uses direct operators, giving you complete control over what flexes are put where. It uses a simplified dot notation for determining nesting, and allows you to customize group colors at will, as well as specify exactly what flexes go where.

Elizabeth 1.1.0 (and my other models moving forward) include two files:

  • is an independent script that supports any of my Curvy, Bodymorph, and Daz models. You can load it, without any issues, on top of the existing IK scripts.
  • is identical to the older version of the script, but now has a subset of flexsort implemented automatically. This means you don't have to hassle with loading FlexSort onto my Daz models (like Elizabeth): simply loading the script will automatically sort the flexes, placing them into a new "Flex" group at the top of the group (above "Face").

FlexSort is fully commented, and I highly encourage authors to feel free to cannibalize the code and use it as you see fit. Ideally, I never want to see people requiring the editing of sfm_defaultanimationgroups.txt again: all flexes should be sorted through code, and FlexSort is one such solution for that.

FlexSort will be released individually here on SFMLab soon. There's a few things I want to tinker with yet before I commit to a stand-alone release, including playing with a database solution, so that users don't have to keep track of various authors' FlexSort files.

Comprehensive Changelog (Updated June 5 2016):

  • Beta 1.0.0 (June 3 2016) - Initial release
  • Beta 1.1.0 (June 5 2016) - Fixed Student hair rigging, fixed Student boots clipping, added lip-corner flexes, added Bodymorph to Student outfit, adds FlexSort

DOWNLOAD MODEL SOURCE FILES (Absolutely no guarantees it works at all for you)



@tcz12 what? it looks better then the curvy base. still... @ardvark might need some curve smoothing and maybe some meat packed on it in some camera angles. just lil bits. but i could make a composite of the very screenshots marked if you like. very specific. picky... maybe?!? xD

gimmeaname posted 2 years, 8 months ago

One question man. I was looking at the 2nd to last picture. What's up with the inflated neck? Just curious.

FleetAdmiral01 posted 2 years, 8 months ago

@FleetAdmiral01 probably just to add a bit of realism when a 25incher goes down her throat ^.^

CortanaSFM posted 2 years, 8 months ago


You should use victoria7 morph or something. I opened her in sfm and the body doesn't looks better there

tcz12 posted 2 years, 8 months ago


Immense work, thank you.

azuremesa posted 2 years, 8 months ago


Posted model source. See bottom of the main post.

LordAardvark posted 2 years, 8 months ago


Where is folder location for model source?

WoRss posted 2 years, 7 months ago


Sorry for the late, irrelevant reply. The ribbon is perfectly in keeping with other models. I just like the shiny one. It's no problem because I just used $color2 and $phongboost. I've got Curvy Liz in a parallel directory, so I thought I'd post an image for comparison purposes. ![comparison]( "Parallel Ribbons")

chkscum posted 2 years, 7 months ago

Make hairy pussy pls

vicecomitem posted 1 year, 11 months ago

Commander Shepard

I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite model on SFMLab.

Commander Shepard posted 2 months, 3 weeks ago

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