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The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine Prop Pack


Model props from the Witcher 3: Blood and Wine expansion.
Corvo Bianco Estate
Armor stand (3 bodygroups)
Palace painting
Chaise lounge
Geralt painting (8 skins)
Oriole items (egg, 2 broken eggs, nest, feather)
Wildlife photographs (4 bodygroups)
Porcelain containers (5 bodygroups)
Swan boat
Sword (2 bodygroups)
Bed (4 bodygroups + pillows)
Bench (5 bodygroups)
Books (15 bodygroups)
Bottles (11 bodygroups)
Box (4 bodygroups)
Carpet (10 bodygroups)
Chair (9 bodygroups)
Gwent cards (7 bodygroups)
Mandragora paintings (4 bodygroups)
Paper items (18 bodygroups)
Pillow (4 bodygroups)
Rose (4 bodygroups)
Shield (20 bodygroups)
Statue (8 bodygroups)
Table (12 bodygroups)
Tapestry (2 bodygroups)
Women's toiletries (7 bodygroups)
Trophy (3 bodygroups)
Trophy case
Children's toys (14 bodygroups)
Mother Statue
Royal Family Portrait

Corvo Bianco Estate is a port of MoogleOutfitter's xnalara model. All credit for that model belongs with them. The house is four separate models which can be joined together using Rezvin's autoassemble script which is also included.

Bonus item: Emperor Emhyr's Wyzima study and a few other unreleased props.



I needed that bed please!!!

Der_Skeleton posted 9 months ago


Hello ! thank you so much to exist ! I would love to know if there any possibility to get those furniture from witcher III in obj + material ? <3

Kaiserin posted 3 months, 1 week ago

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