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Killer Croc Batman Arkham Knight


This model is Killer Croc from the game, "Batman Arkham Knight." Having seen several things involving Batman games in the past several weeks I figured I might try to convert a few models from the Arkham Knight game. This model was uploaded to Deviantart by CapLagRobin all I did was convert the model for Source Filmmaker. This model is not directly from Season of Infamy DLC as it does not have several features: Chains, Leg Cloth, Finished Tail, and other details. The other model was available to convert however the bone count was around 400 more than the 250 limit I work with. If there are any issues with the upload please let me know and I'll do my best to fix it.



Not bad :expand:

Gwamp posted 3 years ago


Great job.

ComradeXSnarky posted 3 years ago


Look how out of shape he is in this game.

Blazeit posted 3 years ago


According the game lore, he's suppose to be slowly becoming more croc than man so I can accept a lack of muscle in this model. There are some clipping in the shorts tho

ComradeXSnarky posted 3 years ago

Thank you for porting this models to sfm :D

TheHydromatic posted 2 years, 7 months ago

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