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Alien Nackle


One of the most sadistic beings in the universe, Alien Nackle came to Earth disguised as an old man to study Ultraman Jack's weaknesses, and by doing so he revived several kaiju to test the then current defender of earth.

After getting what he wanted, he unleashed his pet brute, the kaiju Black King, on earth. Against the two of them, Jack was defeated and chained to a crucifix while Nackle mind controlled the population of earth to worship him as the new ruler of earth.

However, with some help from the original Ultraman and Ultraseven, Jack managed to defeat Nackle and Black King, freeing earth from his control.

The model comes in 4 different sizes, and three skins, the first two are to simulate him "talking" (by making his horn glow on and off), and the last one is an unlit skin, to indicate he's dead or if the lighting annoys you.

It's also gmod compatible so shut up

That's all for now



Awww...Tengen, you know someone is gonna put a dick on that...

ComradeXSnarky posted 3 years ago


I doubt anyone would wanna deal with a low poly ass model like this

TengenGenesic posted 3 years ago

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