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Inphyy - Ninety Nine Nights.


Inphyy is a member of the Temple Knights. Fiery, stubborn, adores her elder stepbrother (maybe a little too much), hates goblins and has killed
like one mirrion of them. :tak:

Xbox 360 was such a powerful machine, they couldn't give her in game model fingers, so instead she has "mittens".

Dry and wet skin options. Sword is a bodygroup.

The sword is from Bless Online. I just gave her some random sword so she would have something big and hard to grab onto.

Uses Rig Biped Valve 2spine.

To those not so knowledgeable, if it asks you to overwrite files, just let it.

Inphyy by Rexil or Sticklove. Kinda confused about that.

Sword by MoogleOutFitters.



I loved this game back in the day, and loved playing as Inphyy here.

xigva posted 3 years ago


Not bad :woody:

Gwamp posted 3 years ago

Thanks for porting her. Its too bad the designs of the sequel wasn't as unique.

satelitemenace posted 3 years ago


Man this takes me back, 99 nights was literally the reason i love musou games.

Neoluce posted 3 years ago


Heyy that's pretty good!

no1dead posted 3 years ago


Well on SFMLab, there's plenty of big, hard things for her to grab... And I'm not just talking weapons, if you know what I mean...

kat1004 posted 3 years ago

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