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[Overwatch] Junkrat


AFAIK, there were 3 characters that were yet to be ported from Overwatch from the initial NinjaRip porting spree. Junkrat was one of them. So here he is.

Features bodygroups for the pipebombs, the RIPTire, bag, canteen, and hair.

Included is his grenade launcher with fully moving parts, and a separate RIPTire model.

All the rigging is (mostly) Overwatch original.

He uses "rig_junkrat" which is included.



Hello. How to open and pode this and same models? I have Blender and 3DS Max.

arkcol posted 3 years, 5 months ago


i seem to be unable to download the detonator, sticky bomb and trap. Also theres a texture bug on his gun for me... Any ideas?

apekatt1234 posted 3 years, 1 month ago


With your permission,mind if i port this to Garry's mod's workshop please?

BrewsterTKoopa posted 3 years ago

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