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Street Fighter - Cody


"I don't need a reason to fight, pal. I just do it cause I love it." - Cody

One of the Final Fight legends joins the SFM roster! Fully rigged without face flexes this time, sorry! You still have a lot of face controls. The spanner and the stone spawn inside him.

The model was ported over from Street Fighter IV. The model has bodygroups for his items and cuffs. The rig file is called "rig_cody".

Place the files in the "sourcefilmmaker\game" folder.

Many thanks to the creator of this script

Credits go to its creators, Capcom.



Any plans for Karin?

MKLR posted 3 years ago


@MKLR I'll get to her at one point.

leaderlord posted 3 years ago

you're making dreams come true, thank you

McKraken posted 3 years ago


Fuuuuuuuck yes. Thanks for this! ^_^

Zeta_Saint posted 3 years ago

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