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Alien Baltan Basical


The main antagonist/anti-hero of the first Ultraman Cosmos Movie. Basical is a member of the Baltan species and is considered to be one of the most powerful among the many incarnations of the nefarious alien race.

However, the difference between Basical and the other Baltans of the other eras is Basical is, in a sense, HIS race's Ultraman, the last adult among a colony of Baltan children he was charged with to defend and find a new home after theirs was destroyed. Desperate to save his race, Basical was left with little choice but to invade earth and decided to kill off humanity, whom have proven to be a dangerous species. This however, put him in conflict with Cosmos, who knew his intentions were pure, but the genocide of an entire race was not the solution.

After a long battle, the Baltan guardian was killed by Cosmos, tearfully mourning that he had failed his race to extinction as he died in sorrow.

As always, my model comes in four sizes and is gmod compatible. That's all for now.



WOW! where did you find it?

Wooshi3 posted 3 years, 1 month ago

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