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The Witcher - Sweat textures pack

Warning: BETA content

This file is marked as "BETA" which means that the contents might be unfinished, outdated or incompatible with the most recent version of Source Filmmaker.

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This file contains adult content! By downloading this file you agree that you are at least 18 years of age and wish to see such material.


At first all props to Ganonmaster and ShittyHorsey, who created the used Witcher-models.
I added some sweat textures for the following witcher models:

More to follow in the future.

The download includes only the sweat-textures. So you still need to download/install the models first.

Just copy the material-folders in the models SFM-path. The textures will be loaded after the next start of SFM. Old textures will not be overwritten. To reuse them, just change the path in the concerned VMT-files (included in RAR already).
Ingame rightclick on the model and "add override materials".
Then rightlick on the model again, "show in elementviewer", "model".
enter image description here

In the element viewer open the now visible materials and search for "head" and "body" (Those names may differ for each model).
Rightclick on one of them, "add attribute", "float".
Then insert in the attribute-description "$phongboost"
Add a second float-attribute and call it "$phongexponent".
Repeat those steps for the other body part (head or body).
At last add values to both attributes to change the lightning behaviour on the skin-texture. There is no perfect setting for that. It depends on the light and camera-setup, but normally a value between 5-25 for both attributes should be a good start.

enter image description here

That's it. If you don't want to wait for further texture-updates for other models, you could copy the alpha-channels of the included vtf-files to other models via VTF Edit and Photoshop/Gimp.



This is great! Thank you

SelfMindedSources posted 6 months, 2 weeks ago

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