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Marie Rose & Honoka

18+ Warning

This file contains adult content! By downloading this file you agree that you are at least 18 years of age and wish to see such material.


Hotfix 1

Download here

  • Fixes Marie's teeth and tongue textures
  • Adds the "Gear" bodygroups to Marie and Honoka
  • Adds the missing "gear" textures

You need to install the base files first, before installing this hotfix. You want to override all files, when prompted.

Marie Rose and Honoka, both built from scratch on the DazV2 body, with sexy cop outfits.

Features are par the course: full face-, eye-, finger-, and toe-posing; full phonemes for lip-sync; jiggleboned breasts, ass, and hair; genital flexes; simple Bodymorph capabilities; and separately-compiled outfit pieces with Bodymorph capabilities.

And as always, the only Bodymorph that I actively support is the pregnant morph, everything else is use-at-own-risk.

Some notable bugs and how to fix them:

PROBLEM: Marie's shirt clips easily with her shoulder.
SOLUTION: Turn off the shirt bodygroup, spawn in and attach the separately-compiled shirt model. Apply a scale to the relevant upperarm bone on the shirt model, and scale it up slightly. Pull the relevant clavicle out slightly.

PROBLEM: Marie's bangs glow really bright under light.
SOLUTION: Right-click Marie's hair, Add Material Overrides. Right-click again, Show in Element Viewer, Model. Expand "materials", right-click "marie_front_hair_base", Add Attribute -> Float. Name it "$color2", with the dollar sign. The hair will go completely black. Set the value to around 0.8, should look more correct. Depending on the particulars of the scene, you may need to change it to 0.7 or even 0.6. Which is why I didn't include this fix vanilla.

PROBLEM: Honoka's shirt clips through her breasts, when attached separately
SOLUTION: Right-click Honoka, Utilities, Bake Procedural Bones. Scrub through the timeline to update the viewport.

Note that the runny-makeup and body-writing are not currently implemented. I will add these at some later date, but when, I don't know. I am no longer working on these models, and am releasing them as-is for those who don't want to wait any longer for them. They're perfectly usable, just not 100% feature-complete.

I hope you enjoy, and as always, please feel free to report bugs or problems. I'll get around to fixing them eventually.



Got it. Thanks!

YuiYamada posted 2 years, 7 months ago


Is there any chances of reworking this one for Elizabeth?

GBrushAndPaint posted 2 years, 7 months ago


**@JoeJoe**, I thought I had already done that. Apparently not. Will get to it sometime in the next few days. Right now, I want to focus on getting Rebecca released. **@bichmout**, rigging it is beyond my capabilities. If someone else wants to rig it for the DazV2 base, then I would absolutely be willing to implement it. But my attempts to rig it have been... less than ideal. Rigging is not my forte. **@GBrushAndPaint**, if it ever happens, it won't be any time soon. I still need to do the Curvy Christmas outfit, too.

LordAardvark posted 2 years, 7 months ago


Great work again but I have an issue: I locked the hair like you showed it by the Liz release and normally this works but now it turns 180° when I zeroed it. This also happens now to other models. When I move it near the head it seems to work. Can you explain that and why don't you bodygroup the hair on your models??

goretaint posted 2 years, 7 months ago


Sure: **Why the hair doesn't work correctly when you Zero it:** There are unlocked bones you have to select and apply Default to. Do that, and it will work perfectly! **Why I don't bodygroup the hair:** Source Filmmaker has a limit of 256 bones per model. For example, Honoka, in total, has 326 bones. That's more than the 256 limit, and so she can't be compiled as one model. However, of those 326 bones, 130 bones are in her hair, which is under the 256-bone limit, and leaving the rest of the bones (196 bones) also under the limit. As such, I compile the hair and model separately. Note that Honoka originally had roughly **320 bones just in her hair.** I had to do some extremely aggressive consolidating to get her hair-bone limit down to under the limit. I originally was going to make her hair jiggle-assisted (so you can pose her hair without baking it), but that requires doubling the hair-bone count. And I just couldn't reasonably bring her bones down low enough, and so I decided to not do that. Which is why you can't pose her hair.

LordAardvark posted 2 years, 7 months ago


I saw a Marie Rose model with humiliating stuff written on her with a skin marker but I couldn't trace the model. Is it one of your models Lordaardvark? Or if it's someone else's do you know who?

samork posted 2 years, 7 months ago


Depending on its release, it could have been this one with the bodywriting taken from another of my Daz girls (they all use the same UV, so it's a simple replacement). It's equally likely someone else did it for their own works. It's not the most difficult thing to do, all things considered - I mean, heck, **I** put one together (the bodywriting I use), and I am terrible with textures!

LordAardvark posted 2 years, 7 months ago



asdasd212 posted 2 years, 7 months ago

Grats for answering :P

JoeJoe posted 2 years, 7 months ago


Thanks for the models, I love them. For me however I would like to continue to use the [Marie Rose (Alternate Body)]( and clothing and unfortunately this overrides it. I would love to have both Marie models but I'll have to pass on the Marie changes and just take the Honoka one. (Its especially hard when I have a pregnancy fetish and love Marie Rose D:)

DKXG posted 2 years, 7 months ago

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