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Barbell - Liquid Hangs Prop 2


The popular Liquid Hangs prop was definitely a hit of last year featured in pics and animations all over the place and its about time for a logical upgrade. We have new shapes, flexes, skins and rigging concepts to suit different scenarios.

What’s included:

  • Advance Hang (Rigged, Flexes & Multi Skin)
  • Jiggle Hang 01 (Rigged, Jiggle, Flexes & Multi Skin)
  • Jiggle Hang 02 (Rigged, Jiggle, Flexes & Multi Skin)
  • Jiggle Hang 03 (Rigged, Jiggle, Flexes & Multi Skin)
  • Jiggle Hang 04 (Rigged, Jiggle, Flexes & Multi Skin)
  • Simple Hang 01 (Rigged & Multi Skin)
  • Simple Hang 02 (Rigged & Refract Skin)
  • Simple Hang 03 (Rigged, Flexes & Multi Skin)
  • Simple Hang 04 (Rigged & Multi Skin)
  • Advance Splat 01 (Rigged, Flexes & Multi Skin)


  • Flexes don’t work when refract textures are used, this is just a limitation of the SFM engine.
  • Take some initiative too. VMT files are easy to edit, it’s possible to recolor things and even change the speed of the texture scrolling etc.
  • Don’t forget you can scale bones to make these thing bigger and smaller especially for the simplehang01-02 which doesn’t have flexes.




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Grim Moris


Grim Moris posted 1 month, 3 weeks ago


Flexes broken upon loading a saved session. You can still use these, but you have to do everything manually by scaling and translating individual bones. I just wish I would have known the flexes were broken before I wasted hours setting them up.

pygo posted 2 weeks, 4 days ago


Okay, apparently I was wrong. The flexes worked again after restarting a second time. Sorry and thank you, Barbell.

pygo posted 2 weeks, 3 days ago

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