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L4D2: The Vannah Cleaned


Original map by Valve
Edited for Garry's Mod by Dustils and Evil-Ash
Converted to SFM by The Kins

What Is This?

This is a "clean" version of the first map of Left 4 Dead 2's first campaign. That means there's no blood, guts and broken shit everywhere, so it can be used in non-apocalyptic scenarios! This was done years ago with Garry's Mod in mind, but the original release only had LDR lighting rendered (meaning it didn't work properly in SFM) and attempts to compile for HDR led to a litany of issues. This fixes pretty much all of those, with a few extra tweaks besides!

What's Different From The Previous Port?

  • The environment lighting isn't broken anymore. Kind of important, that.
  • The player spawn was moved from the ground floor to up where it was in the original game, on the rooftop.
  • The bathroom mirrors are always enabled, as opposed to turning on and off depending on whether you're near.
  • All but one of the windowsills that had vanished in the compile process have been fixed.
  • There are proper, non-broken, 128x128 cubemaps via the Alien Swarm engine.
  • The correct 2D sky from L4D2 is used, instead of the default HL2 sky.
  • The single custom texture has been replaced with one that comes with SFM.
  • All the Pakrat shit has been cleaned out - you'll need to actually have L4D2 content mounted. I think it's in the SFM DLC nowadays...
  • A version without any lights is included, for folks who go at it from-scratch

Known Bugs

  • The cubemaps show a different skybox texture than is actually used - this was a sv_skyname workaround for Alien Swarm not supporting the L4D2 sky properly.
  • One of the windowsill props on the side of the building could not be fixed. Easy to workaround by placing the model yourself in SFM, but worth remembering.
  • Some of the lightmap gridding isn't quite ideal. It's good enough for now, though.



nice, one of the best maps out there! i like the mirror fix especially! thx for putting this up on here my dude!

eazygoing posted 3 years ago

I can just extract this to my UserMods or do maps go someplace else?

Midyin posted 2 years, 9 months ago


this is great thanks

rochsfm posted 1 year, 3 months ago


This map is terrible. Textures are missing and there's tons of errors.

biancaboo1 posted 8 months, 2 weeks ago

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