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Cynder SFM Edit

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[Legend of Spyro]
So the original Cynder model for SFM was great, but it was impossible to set up with Inverse Kinematics. Well, that changes now. The entire skeleton and some weighting was revamped to work better with SFM.

  • eats rig_biped_simple
  • many bones now properly sorted into folders
  • bip_thigh_L/R_corrector bones for thigh adjustment
  • don't forget to check "show hidden controls"

You can't see it here but this dragon is quite NSFW.
Original model by Grimm3D; Nightingale

Happy animating!


are there any updates coming to this model

kovu and kiara posted 1 month, 3 weeks ago


No plans for an update. The textures work fine as long as the folder structure is not changed.

JawSFM posted 1 month, 3 weeks ago

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