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Matriarch Benezia


Uploading this model so it can be more easily found.

It is a basic rip from XNALara and only features an IK rig and face bones.

Model by Aldaril (

Where I found the model ( (NSFW)

Model was uploaded without Aldaril's permission, and I apologize in advance if he is upset.



Finally, it was avaible at some Point but Links simple died and no one cared so im really happy that someone finally cared and made the Model avaible again. Now i only need the second better Aria Model and Dr Chakwas with both also dead Links lost in Time. If someone could bring them up again iw ould be very happy to finally shut that Book thanks.

WeylandYutani posted 2 years, 11 months ago


Thanks a lot for this one! We really need more Mass Effect models here :)

Dreamhawk posted 2 years, 10 months ago

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