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PS3/4: MFS-3 Kiryu


Now for a particularlly special model.

Behold the MFS-3 Kiryu model, this particular version represents the Mechagodzilla from "Godzilla Tokyo SOS".

The model's been in the wings and has had it's textures enhanced and worked over by BlueFlyTrap, whom as you can see did a beautiful job touching up on the model's textures.

Initially I wanted the model to have Body groups for it's parts but with the way BlueFlyTrap works, that's abit impossible for now.

Regardless, enjoy this wonderful model.

No the model is not gmod-compatible, BlueFlytrap says the textures need some adjustments for gmod.
So don't ask.

Additional preview renders by my boi, Dickard T.

That's all for now.




dominator9521 posted 2 years, 6 months ago

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