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[R6S] Blitz - GSG9


Elias "Blitz" Kötz

The flash shield guy.

Wel, I tried extracting him from gmod, but he didn't show up. So I recompiled and fixed him. I can not add bodygroups and stuff. At least not yet.

Also: I'm not a professional. I just used everything I know to port this model.

You can msg me about problems, but don't expect me to be able to help with every problem you may experience.

Works with several Ik-rigs. (I used Met's magic rig)

Mod from Gmod workshop by Auditor
and porting by me

All preview pictures are also made by me.

Check my tumblr (NSFW warning)



Pretty sure it was not you who made the gmod version.

Loitah posted 2 years ago


Right it was Auditor, but I didn't say that I've done it either. I'll add him to the description.

Yadio posted 2 years ago


"So I recompiled and fixed him" then it said "mod from workshop and porting by me" so it looked like you were saying as if it was yours. Anyway, in future just ask me if you want to post any of the R6 operators that i've posted.

Loitah posted 2 years ago

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