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Fallout 4 - Sirenclaw

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And here we are, my second-first experiment with learning Blender and my very first submission on SFMlabs. An NSFW Deathclaw.
So YAY! finally it's here for all deathclaw/femclaw lovers to enjoy.

Bear in mind if there are any errors please go easy on me as this is my very first submission.

For now I hope you enjoy and the following below is just my silly little attempt at trying to justify the existence of this breast-bearing deathclaw, despite having very little knowledge of Fallout, let alone owning the game.
But honestly it's more or less used as a little RP guideline for those that like to have a little something to start with.
It is not something that needs to be followed, obviously.
Do what you wish. ^.=.^



The Sirenclaws are a result of the inhabitants in the Hidden experimental Vault 942.
All subjects were male and had a history of some form of genetics as well as some abnormal interests in nonhuman species.

The experiment was to see what would happen if such individuals were kept inside a facility equipped to play god with creatures.
It was not long until the subjects eventually opened up to each other, discovering that they had similar if not the exact same interests, they soon began cooperating with learning and working with the equipment built inside the facility.
Every month a shipment of varying female species would be sent down the one-way sealed elevator when all subjects were asleep, providing them fresh new experiments.

The last and final shipment was a dozen sedated female deathclaws, to see if these subjects would dare to tamper with the already altered genetic codes of these deadly beasts for their own male-hormone-driven ambitions.
Surprisingly the subjects manage to perform the impossible and the sirenclaw was born.
Curious to see how both the subjects and their creations would perform outside in the wastelands, the vault was eventually opened.

After several years of close study and behavior, it is clear that Sirenclaws offspring are always female and bear very little traits from the male species.
Sirenclaws are also extremely hostile towards any female species other than its own kind. It is speculated that this behavior is it's reckless idea of thinning the competition.
Other Sirenclaws that have had no previous contact with each other may react violently at first but seem to rarely end in a fatality, the losing sirenclaw eventually submits and becomes a follower to the Alpha female.
It also seems that Sirenclaws have developed some very unusual behaviors that closely resemble... as one would simply say "A horny schoolgirl" as they tend to present and pose in such fashions that would fit such a description. This is likely due to the inhabitants of vault 942 teaching them such acts which they have developed into a sort of mating dance to attract males.

If you are male and happen to encounter one of these creatures, here are the following guidelines to survive:

  • Do not flee unless the creature seems wounded from the legs. If you attempt to flee the creature will pursue and tackle you which will most likely result in fractured limbs due to their weight and strength.

  • Do not fire upon the creature, although this will not result in the sirenclaw striking back with lethal intentions, it will remove all hesitation from the creature making the following below irrelevant.

  • If it seems that the creature realizes that you are surrendering and have no intention of running, it may approach slowly. You can take advantage of this by luring it into a more secluded area, interruptions from another will most likely result in the creature getting provoked and attacking the intruder.

  • It is advised to also strip down before the sirenclaw engages in sexual intercourse with you, to spare your clothing/armor from damage. Failing to do so will most likely end with the sirenclaw aggressively removing the clothing via tearing and ripping, which can also result in severe cuts due to their recklessness.

  • It's also advised to try and lure the creature onto any soft surface, as most Sirenclaws intend to mount their victims, which can result in... obvious discomfort.

  • When engaging in sexual intercourse, try to show enthusiasm and interest in the creature as you would a human, this may result in the sirenclaw turning submissive and rolling on its back for you to take charge, taking most of the stress and weight off of you.

  • Ejaculation must be within the Sirenclaws vagina, to increase the chances of successfully impregnating the creature, only then will the sirenclaw ease up and rest, providing a window of opportunity for escape.

  • It is not advisable to remain with the creature as they have very low fertility, if one is able to survive for several months but without successfully impregnating the creature, the sirenclaw may kill the male before leaving to search for another victim. This thankfully is a rare occurrence if one shows dedication/effort to the creature in sexual intercourse it may even allow you to follow.

  • If you are somehow able to successfully befriend one of these creatures, it is advised to stay away from any female species as they will very quickly be attacked by the sirenclaw. If the bond is strong enough and the sirenclaw is willing to follow commands, it is possible to prevent the sirenclaw from attacking females temporarily.

  • It is strongly not advise to go anywhere near deathclaws with a sirenclaw, as both parties tend to attack each other on site.

  • If possible it's also advised not to drink the Sirenclaws breast milk as it seems to have a random effect on each individual. The taste has been described as more like warm tea, rather than milk.



i love the model, but the boobs giggles work funny, they just twist D= and dont move up/down or back and forth, i backe the bones to use them XD

SumerianDragon posted 2 years, 6 months ago


Looks like it's high quality stuff, even if it's not my personal taste.

Aliassfm posted 2 years, 6 months ago

the archive is damaged for me cant open it can you make it a ZIP rar?

DankMemesAndPorn posted 2 years, 6 months ago


@ Zebratail Lmao thats great man

GodKingVivec posted 2 years, 6 months ago


If i could like this 100 times I would

GodKingVivec posted 2 years, 6 months ago

Everything is pretty good. The breast jiggle could get improved on (It seems to sway side to side but not up and down). Aside from that its awesome.

snips456 posted 2 years, 6 months ago


what program are you guys using for extraction? ive tried winrar 7zip and 77zip and none of them are working

GodKingVivec posted 2 years, 6 months ago


Keeps saying there is no archive

GodKingVivec posted 2 years, 6 months ago

Nice bio on the female.

DragonStar posted 2 years, 6 months ago


Don't use the US server, it's jacked up.

the_randomizer posted 2 years, 6 months ago

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