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Jet Set Radio Future Mega Pack


Just plop this into your usermod folder of SFM.

This contains all 10 of the Jet Set Radio Future Characters I was able to obtain. I know there are much more, but I have had no luck in finding a complete set.
I did find a way to get more of the characters AND their animations, it is a little slow at the moment

Video I made showing them in action:
Here is the gif showing them using Lucio's dance:

The characters in this pack are Beat, Corn, Cube, DJ Professor K, Love Shocker, Noise Tank, Potts (dog form), Rapid 99, Roboy, and Yoyo! Most of these characters have jiggle bones for hair and some clothing. DJ K can remove his tie and shades, along with Beat. DJ K also has very basic face flex, not sure how to do it, but since he is more cartoony, it works.
I also added a custom edited script from the Mass Effect Dance Puppeteer script by LordAardvark for use with these characters.
The fastest way to find all of them in SFM is to search for "jsrf". It will list all of them.

IF there is anything odd about them, let me know via direct message on my twitter: @MarionettePlayZ. Also, let me know if you guys find the rest of the gang as well.
For now, enjoy Rudies!

Game: JSRF: Jet Set Radio Future
© 2002 Sega / Smilebit

Ripped by Mystie from The VG Resource.



@The_Marionette Wish you luck on the rigs and animations. But as for the other characters. There's really no other way to get models unless you message "Mystie" from models-resource or really try to contact the guy on "jsrf-inside"

Svide posted 2 years ago


@svide I could try Mystie and see if she's got them. I already tried neodos (guy from the JSRF-inside) and he said he had moved on from the franchise years ago. He referred me to this for the model/animation port: So far I have had no help with this on the Blender forums.

The_Marionette posted 2 years ago


@The_Marionette You know if skip to the end of the video on that Github you can read the texts pretty clear. But if the video really doesn't help I highly recommend you to ask around on sfmlab or join their discord, or even maybe look around on reddit. I'm not sure. Also, can't understand why neodos couldn't just come back to help you out or at least get the models he already ripped.

Svide posted 2 years ago


You should rly ask some1 else to make the sample posters :v

FluffyCloud posted 1 year, 11 months ago

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