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WierdStar logo


It's animated logo of some weird company
"WierdStar - with us your lifes gonna change". something strange with their logo and employes act like zombies. Some crazy people dispute that picture might have hypnotic effect.
animated logo

first attempt of modeling in Blender and porting model to SFM and Garry's Mod. nothing sereous but may be interesting to play with.
It was a test. I'm noob in all this 3d making stuff, but going to make some lowquality models, ports for myself and will share them.

GMod ver:
--ragdoll with few week/not linked bones to root bone(for a test)
--3 animated material types, one with animated transperent alpha, translucent, normal(texture from Gmod just edited)
--Bone names like in valve biped, so can be bonemerged on npc.
--Can be used in SFM

SFM ver:
--First ported so have less features, original bone names and only one animated translucent texture

both have ridiculous uv map so overide material texture might look funny)

source files included.

Have Fun!
Do whatever you want with it, modify...., ...., ...create cyborg who can't spell "asociality", what makes neighbours laugh like crazy.
but would be nice if you credit me and leave comment with link.

"...they bring light of the stars!"

THANKS a lot Ganonmaster and everyone in here, because of this resource I decided to do something


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