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Jodie Holmes [Asylum] (Beyond Two Souls)


Model has some clunky hair bones, everything else should work fine

Rig included




dominator9521 posted 2 years ago

Amazing Job!

maxp posted 2 years ago

Awesome man, keep em coming. Hope you can get winter/bum Jodie too

achilles1083 posted 2 years ago


Jodie Holmes/Ellen Page.

w3ndy posted 2 years ago


Does anyone have the model from the shower scene? I'm asking for a friend.

allensimonov posted 2 years ago


She looks great, thanks! I love her Emo phase ;)

garnetfanatico posted 2 years ago


![The model looks just like Ellen Page]( "enter image title here")

_MaZ_ posted 2 years ago

Doesn't have any hair textures does it? hair's just purple for me.

digitallyawesome1 posted 2 years ago


I also want the uh.. shower scene model. lol. But this is a very welcome model as well thanks!

retrojaysftw posted 2 years ago


@digitallyawesome1 I just noticed that the vmt file linked to the other Jodie model, that's why you don't have any hair textures lul I'll update with the right vmt, even though both models uses the exact same hair texture, so, if you had downloaded the first one, it will work either way.

madruguinhatk13 posted 2 years ago

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