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Dead Space 3 - Isaac's Apartment (Scenebuild)


Isaac's apartment + vista ripped from Dead Space 3.

Because Source is quite crappy for large maps, I was unable to make this into the map from Dead Space 3 without having to make it into the size of a doll house. So I was forced to make a decision: Either I had to just port just the apartment or put the scenery into parts as models which you have to assemble.

You can either download my own save with the map seen in the screenshots few clicks of a button away or you can assemble everything yourself. If you do download my session, make sure you also download the hugebox map I linked below.

Choice is yours, but make sure you choose a large enough map if you start from scratch and resize the root bone accordingly so that everything fits inside the map and feels natural.

Also, make sure you use the "zero" command when you put the pieces together, with the "root" bone being the source. I suggest hiding the scenery as well so that you do not touch anything vital.

Do not use this model for commercial purposes or in any way which you may directly profit from it, eg. redistributing it with a price tag. I do not own this model and I am not responsible if you get in trouble for doing so. You may modify, share or redistribute the model in any way you want to another website under the condition you follow the previous set of rules as well as make sure you give proper credit to original developers as well as myself, you don't have to notify me directly if you plan on doing so. You can optionally leave a link to this page if you want, but make sure to give proper credit to the proper authors.


  • Skydome meshes
  • Lunar terrain meshes (all in one model)
  • Vista scenery meshes (all in one)
  • Isaac's apartment (comes in three parts)
  • Particle emulations (2D mesh which acts as a sort of particle, I don't know how to make real ones work properly)
  • (Almost) all the textures from the game, ripped and extracted.
  • Ambient sounds (check the folder)

If you want to use my own custom save of the scenery, you have to download this map:


  • Electronic Arts
  • Visceral Games
  • Me for ripping the scenery to 3D Max and porting everything to Source

Known issues:

  • Will add if there's any

I will ignore every negative comment demanding me to fix this and that unless they are willing to help me to fix those issues. Also, please don't start a cespool in the comment section if a certain someone starts a war.


excuse me but can you please leave instructions on how to use it the way you did in the images as i am quite stupid and don't realise how to thank you

endytheenderman posted 11 months, 1 week ago


On another map? Spawn one of the scenery models, resize the root so that the scenery fits to the map, copy and paste the model and zero the root of that model to the first model's root. Not the Root_Transform since I'm not sure if it works properly. Repeat the process for the other few models.

_MaZ_ posted 11 months, 1 week ago


We've created many Smut atrocities to humanity The Brotherhood Moons are coming to get us for it

SaltyArts posted 7 months, 1 week ago

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