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Guardians of the Galaxy - Rocket & Groot (Models & Props Pack)


Here's the Ultimate Combo Dream Team: Woodland Edition... Rocket and Groot!

Groot has body groups for his hands (with/without debris chunks), shield, and flowers/leaves. Rocket has no body groups, but does have an alternate skin for a cracked screen on his wrist device. Rocket's gun is also included as a separate model.

Rocket and Groot have no face flexes, but they do have face bones (a LOT of face bones) to pose instead.

Groot is compatible with the biped_simple rig (or any custom rig that works with biped_simple models).

Rocket, on the other hand, is probably not compatible with any rig script. The major difficulty is that he basically has 2 sets of knee joints (knees and hocks). If you do find--or write--a working rig for Rocket, please either PM me or leave a comment here with a link to it and I'll update this description with the link (and credit wherever it's due).

If you use these models, send me a link to the finished project; I'd love to see it!

Do not repost/upload these models elsewhere... certainly do not claim it as your own work. Please ask before porting to a different format.


Rocket, Groot and Guardians of the Galaxy belong to Telltale Games and Marvel.


Awesome!, thank you.

Darthdude posted 1 year, 1 month ago

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