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DotA 2 - Lina

18+ Warning

This file contains adult content! By downloading this file you agree that you are at least 18 years of age and wish to see such material.


Nude version of Lina from DotA 2

New in v0.2

  • Smoothed out textures for a more Dota-like look
  • Added flex for lip_bottom_lower
  • Fixed teeth from hiding when using the jaw bone

Features 2 Models

  • LinaNude.mdl
  • DefaultOutfit.mdl

Bodygroups on Outfit

  • Top (Full/Exposed)
  • Skirt (Long/Short)
  • Panties (Full/Exposed/Ripped)


  • Full Faceposing
  • Genital Flexes
  • Stomach Flexes
  • Throat Flexes
  • Big Breast Flex

Rigged with rig_biped_ftbark

Author's Note

After just a short wait time of half a year I finally got around to make another model, I got requested to do Lina at the prefect time because just a few days earlier I had thought about getting in to modelling again.

This model does have it's problems, but at least has less problems than the Crystal Maiden model.

Oh well, see you in half a year

Known issues:

  • Weightpaint issues probably
  • Eyeposing off when viewing from side angles
  • Body Flexes doing stuff you won't notice but I will, but I'm too lazy to fix it
  • Butt Rectangle

If you find more issues please leave a comment.


  • Valve for creating the Model and Textures
  • Neroticus for the Build-A-Bod
  • Lord Aardvark for his Tutorials on YouTube
  • Dude017 for his improved textures
  • Me for the Nude Port



renender1 posted 1 year, 3 months ago

Sir, what happened to the project? I thought I was going to continue with the models of WR, drow and others...

KCC posted 8 months ago


@KCC I know I'm 5 months late and no one will read this, the only reason I have is that I lost motivation so I fell off the face of the earth, sorry about that. I still do a bit of 3d work but it doesn't leave blender since I don't use SFM anymore, but I did work on a WR model on and off for like a year, which is sorta done but it's moving slowly and I'm not in the mood of porting it to SFM so don't expect much, again sorry.

FTBark posted 3 months ago

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