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Skeletons + Body Parts (GMod Conversion)


This is just a convert of The Mask's Skeleton from GMod to SFM, I take no credit for the model, I just needed body parts for an upcoming project and converted their pack. It has a ton of models and variations, so far they've all worked great for me.

Find the Original GMod upload here:

Original post description:

"Skeletons from Sniper Elite v2 and Nazi Zombie Army

• 2 Sizes
• Bodygroups for Organs
• Bodygroups for Different Eyes
• Bodygroups for Eyeball Flame effect
• Glowing Organs for the Evil Boney (+ as an extra Skingroup for Heart, Lungh and Brain)
• Different Shaders as Skingroups: Default, Wet, Bloody, Dried Blood, Evil (+Wet) and Dirty
• Seperate Models for Arms, Legs, Pelvis, Skull, Spine and Organs
• Working Fingerposer for standalone Arms
• Eye-Posing via Physgun (Hold -E- while grabing the Eyeball for easy Rotation)
• Custom Rig

Release Pic by URBANATOR

BG = Bodygroup
SG = Skingroup
FP = Fingerposer extra Features

known Bugs:

  • can cause the Ragdoll mover to glitch out
  • Lungh Standalone Model has to be grabbed at the middle Part for easier posing

If a Model has got:
in the filename, then you should check the Bodygroup Tool and the Fingerposer for extra stuff

I don‘t take any credit for the model itself. Only for making it compatible with Source.

Original Model by Rebellion

This is not an NPC or a Playermodel. It‘s a Ragdoll for doing Pics/Poses with."



Aw yeah it's time to get spooky up in this bitch.

BallisticDrama posted 1 year, 11 months ago


I always liked these models but I do wish the bone names were different from their bodygroup names so I can use that bodygroup changing script on them

DemonicLemon posted 1 year, 11 months ago



metaldedede posted 1 year, 11 months ago

Almost enough to get some sick MK style X-Rays in this.

Pepmeistersi posted 1 year, 11 months ago

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