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Outfit Loader V2.2



Sorted Groups: Outfits no longer spawn as a collection of animation sets all named in the form of "_". Now, they spawn as a collection of animation sets each named after their own model, automatically collected and stored in a group named in the form of " :: ".

This has minimal impact for simple outfits, but for outfits that are composed of multiple models, this makes telling at a glance what each individual model actually is much easier. Assuming, of course, that the models themselves were named helpfully.

ALL OUTFIT LOADER V2.1 OUTFITS WILL WORK PERFECTLY FINE WITH THIS V2.2. The file formats did NOT change at all. So just overwrite your existing Outfit Loader script, and enjoy the improved functionality.

An image of how it looks now:


Tag-Stating: Allows the easy and automagic sharing of outfits across similar models (such as the Curvy and DOAFantasy model bases). Once set up, any new outfit added to any such model is automatically added to all such models, and any new such models added automatically receive *all the outfits.

Operation is simple:

  • Tag models into "classes", where each shared body-type is its own class, such as "Curvy" and "DOAFantasy"
  • Set up the bodygroup/skin/flex presets your outfits require, such as "Nude", and save them as appropriately-titled States.
  • Create an Outfit to any tagged model, and set it to use the correct Tag and State, such as "Curvy" and "Nude"
  • Congratulations, you have now set up a Tag-State system. All outfits you apply that "Curvy / Nude" Tag-State to will be automatically applied to any models who are set up with a "Curvy / Nude" Tag-State; and any model you set up as a "Curvy / Nude" Tag-State will automatically be given all the outfits that are set up as "Curvy / Nude".

You may need to press "Reload Outfits" for the automatic outfit propagation to full work.

Outfit Loader V2.1 is fully compatible with Outfit Loader V2.0 files.

Click here to download 300-ish OL2 files, setting up full outfit compatibility for the released Curvy and DOAFantasy characters; this includes all of the relevant tagging, so any new Curvy / DOAFantasy outfits / models can be automatically loaded

Click here for a video showing off how easy the Tag-State system is to use

Download from the usual SFMLab servers below.


The successor to the original Outfit Loader, and superior in every way. Loading outfits, simple and complex alike, has never been easier - you never need to drag-and-drop to lock outfits again!

Click here for a 4.5-minute video showing off how easy it is to use the many features that the Outfit Loader V2 provides.

Click here for a Google Drive link hosting all of the Outfit Loader data files (OL2) I personally have installed. Feel free to download whatever tickles your fancy. Includes all of the DOAFantasy girls' outfits, as well as all of Curvy Elizabeth's outfits. Install them by placing them in your SourceFilmmaker/game/LordAardvarkScriptData/OL2/ folder. Make the folders as necessary.

Features As A Poser / Animator:

  • Comes with a native converter to update Outfit Loader V1 files (.OFL) to the newer Outfit Loader V2 format (.OL2). If you already use the Outfit Loader, then you have absolutely no reason not to upgrade; it takes me less than a second to convert 249 OFL files to OL2.
  • Simple, intuitive operation: Load the script on a model like an IK rig script, Ctrl-click all of the outfits you want to load, and hit "Load Outfit". The window closes, and your model's outfits are all loaded and locked for you.
  • Both faster and easier than the classic drag-and-drop method, and magnitudes faster when attaching outfits to models with IK rigs applied to them.
  • You don't need to worry about playing with skingroups, bodygroups, or flexes on the model or the outfit: the loader handles all of that for you.

Features As An Outfit Builder:

  • Fast and intuitive way to select outfit components: no more having to hide everything you don't want to be an outfit. Now, you have a list of candidate animation sets you click to include in the outfit. It will only list animation sets that can be used as outfits, so you don't have to worry about it picking up all the props in your scenebuild.
  • Has the option to save the bodygroups, skin setting, AND flexes that your model has applied; can tell it to ignore any of these, allowing the outfit to be applied without changing the model.
  • Saves the bodygroups and skin settings of all the outfit components. If you set it to save flexes on your model, then it will also save flexes on your outfit.

Features As An Outfit / Model Creator:

  • Data files (.OL2) are completely independent. The original Outfit Loader saved all of the outfits a model has into a single data file, meaning that if you added outfits later, you had to make sure everyone got the most recent version of that data file. Now, each model<->outfit pair is an independent file, meaning users can pick and choose which data files they want, without fearing losing out on some data files, or having data files for outfits they don't care about.
  • Deep data saving allows for complex arrangements for outfits. Leverage the bodygroup, skin, and flex saving to your advantage, and save your outfits in such a way that users are never more than a single click away from using the model exactly how you want it to be used.

Things to be aware of:

  • If you choose to save flexes, then it will only save the very last keyframe for any given non-zero flexes. When you load an outfit that saves flexes, it will overwrite all animation data for the saved flexes.
  • If you choose to save all flexes, it is very likely you will have large data files. The above problems will result in all of your flex animation data being lost when loading the outfit, so be careful.
  • If you're loading outfits onto a model with jigglebones, and the outfits are clipping, you need to right-click the model (not the outfit), and go to Utilities -> Bake Procedural bones. This will stop the bones from jiggling, and prevent the outfit from clipping.

If you find any problems, please report them to me immediately. I can't fix what I don't know about.

And if you can think of anything to suggest for later versions of the tool, please suggest them! I'm always looking to improve the tool and make it easier for everyone to use.


My issue was not having the OL2 files in and also I had the script folder IN usermod not out of it.

Deleted posted 1 year, 5 months ago

Ok got it working, my mistake in the end...It was because I was using certain characters/symbols for the outfit names, like '~,-+/:" etc. When I just included text only to an outfit it started saving after Sfm closed. I only used those symbols because they worked in v1 so I just assumed they would for v2...Maybe why only 3 of the 14 outfits I mentioned before converted.

J0NO posted 1 year, 5 months ago

Ah, I forgot to thank you for the suggestions LordAardvark...Thanks :)

J0NO posted 1 year, 5 months ago


The reason why those names used to work, and they don't anymore, is how the files are saved. In OLv1, all of the outfits were saved to a file named only after the model. In OLv2, each outfit gets its own file, named after the model and the outfit name. If you include characters in the name that can't be in a filename, it won't write them to file (so the slashes and the colons for certain). When I update the OLv2 here, I will look to see if Python has a way to cleanly sanitize those names, so that you can use that characters and still have the files save to file correctly.

LordAardvark posted 1 year, 5 months ago

Nice, best of luck with that LordAardvark...Thanks for releasing/updating this really useful tool.

J0NO posted 1 year, 5 months ago

Some of the outfits load up as errors for the curvy models are, do you know where I could find them?

elric011 posted 1 year, 5 months ago


Outfit Loader v2.1 released. Read opening post for details.

LordAardvark posted 1 year, 4 months ago

Please, might you convert this model to SFM?

Davidm16 posted 1 year, 4 months ago


Is it possible to reduce the enlargement of the chest or stomach and fit the clothes under them?

ImmortalDarkSoul posted 1 year, 4 months ago


ok, so I need some help here. everything downloaded properly, and it seems I have installed it correctly, but I want to use flexes on an outfit for the DOA helena model, which has none. in the 4.5 minute video, there's no indication that you can copy the flexes to an outfit that doesn't have any. is there a way to do this in SFM, or will I have to go to blender?

MysticBalogna posted 1 year, 4 months ago

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