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Alternative Argonian Textures

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Two scalier CBBE texture sets for CreepyChimera's Female Argonian Redux. Both have 4k body textures, complete normal maps, and nippled/nippleless options. The model is not included, so you will need to go grab it if you don't already have it installed.

"How do I use these?"
With override materials; Use $basetexture and $bumpmap string attributes on argonianfemalebody, argonianfemalehead, and argonianfemalehands, and copy/paste the file path of the textures you want to use. Should look something like this.

"Okay, but where are the other colors?"
Override materials. $color on color attribute for color picker, $color on vector3 for RGB. $phongtint on color or vector3 to adjust shine tint.

-Model porting and edit by CreepyChimera
-Forgotten Argonian Roots by redtox
-Female Dragonic Argonian Textures by ChaserTech, nipple edit by Bluedraggy
-Texture porting and edit by Voui


"I would have included .vmt files to replace the originals, but I wanted these textures to be more modular, since they are fairly different to the old ones. The way the materials are handled made it more trouble than it's worth to add them as skins too, so pile of .vtfs won out by default. Here's a step-by-step guide, I will probably add it to the description if it's an issue for a lot of people. Add the lewdargonian model in SFM Load a Right click lewdargonian in the animation set editor and select "Add Override Materials" Right click the model in the animation set editor again, go to "Show In Element Viewer > Model". You should now be in the element viewer. Be very careful, as misuse can permanently ruin your session. Click the (+) next to "materials" to expand the override materials In the materials list, click the (+) next to "argonianfemalebody" Right click "argonianfemalebody", go to "Add attribute > String" and name the string $basetexture Your model should now show a missing texture Add another string attribute to "argonianfemalebody", this time name it $bumpmap Copy the address in the "mtlName" field (likely models\creepychimera\lewdargonian\argonianfemalebody), and paste it into the fields for $basetexture and $bumpmap The old texture should now be overridden by the old texture, we need to make it load the new textures At the end of the addresses you put in for $basetexture and $bumpmap, add a and a_n respectively. (so that they read argonianfemalebodya, argonianfemalebodya_n) Congratulations, you have replaced the body texture with one of the 4 body textures (argonianfemalebody can use a b c or d, the rest only have a or b.) Repeat the previous 5 steps with "argonianfemalehead" and "argonianfemalehands" to do the rest of the model. Don't forget to install Orida so you can repeat the material overrides quickly in the future." This read pretty much like trying to read Spanish to me. you completely lost me at "Copy the address in the "mtlName" field (likely models\creepychimera\lewdargonian\argonianfemalebody), and paste it into the fields for $basetexture and $bumpmap The old texture should now be overridden by the old texture" I didnt see anything called "mtlName"... the model is so completely FUBAR that even reloading the scene to before i tried anything didnt help. XD For future reference, those of us that havent gone to school for game design would really appreciate if you just put different skin colors under the SKIN tab.. I'm restarting SFM. fingers crossed I can still use the model at all. ROFL!

Midyin posted 10 months ago

voui @Midyin I would have to recompile the model to add these textures as skin groups, and since CreepyChimera had a pretty adamant stance on redistributing his models, I'd rather not. About the instructions though... My fault there. I didn't realize SFMLab doesn't allow line breaks in comments, so a lot of the steps are unintentionally run-on sentences. To put it as simply as possible, you have to add these in through override materials. There's plenty of resources available on Youtube, tumblr, the Source Filmmaker community page on Steam, and others that can show you how to do that.

voui posted 9 months, 4 weeks ago


Alright so I love the original and I love this retexture but I just have one question: Where do y'all find these skyrim maps?!? I've looked everywhere and can't find them!

HyperGail posted 5 months, 2 weeks ago

does anyone have MALE argonians? i cant find'em

hentaideesqueleto posted 1 week, 1 day ago

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