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SFM - Starcraft - Nova & Friends

18+ Warning

This file contains adult content! By downloading this file you agree that you are at least 18 years of age and wish to see such material.


Back story:

Nova and her crew are four ex-Ghost vigilantes that travel through the galaxy in hunt of the most infamous interstellar criminals. Justice is swift, and their judgment is harsh.

Equipped with the latest in sexual cybernetics technology, these girls are agile, powerful, and horny! Each of their suits has been fitted with not one, but TWO cybercock implants, turning them into the ultimate sex machine.

Whoever is unfortunate enough to become a target of this beautiful band of vixens will be forced to endure a brutal punishment... A punishment that is pounded into every orifice of their villainous bodies!

Side note: this is just a little back story I made up for the characters. The only actual character from the Starcraft universe is Nova Terra, I just wanted them all to have names. Feel free to call them all Nova, it's completely up to you.


Includes four models: Nova (blue suit), Mala (yellow suit), Emma (pink suit), and Tessa (green suit). They all use the rig biped starcraft IK rig which is included.

Jigglebones for...

  • Hair
  • Breastplate (very slight, it is metal after all)
  • Butt

Flexes for...

  • Body shapes
  • Face (stereo flexes, but very limited, see below)

Bodygroups for...

  • Goggles (up/down/off)
  • Shoulderpads (on/off)
  • Belt (on/off)
  • Cybercock 1: The SpermSpitter (on/off)
  • Cybercock 2: The CumCannon (on/off)
  • Body wires (on/off)
  • Cock wires (on/off)


  • 0: Normal suit
  • 1: Powered suit
  • 2: Powered suit w/ psi pulse
  • 3: Powered suit w/ psi pulse & eye glow (new in v1.1)
  • 4: Powered suit w/ psi stripes always on (new in v1.1)
  • 5: Powered suit w/ psi stripes always on & eye glow (new in v1.1)

Here's a preview of the extra skins from v1.1:

Known Issues:

  • Rotating the pelvis too far while the model is standing up can cause some weird deformations on the butt. I'm pretty sure this has to do with the weight painting, but I couldn't completely fix it at my skill level.
  • The facial flexes are pretty pathetic, I know. Sorry, but it was my first attempt at them. I could have worked on them for a lot longer (and I may end up doing that once I'm better) but for now I just wanted to release the model. You can still get mediocre face animation out of them.

If you find anything severely broken or any other issues you want to bring to my attention, please post them here on message me on DigitalEro or Tumblr:

Future goals:

  • Add skin for a suit variation that has the crotch torn away (probably not any time soon)


  • Original model: Blizzard
  • SFM port: DxN (I learned a LOT looking at DxN's model/materials, the same goes for Shaotek's Sarah Kerrigan model. Thanks a ton guys!)
  • Penis model: Pipedude
  • Tips/help with flexes: Ganonmaster


Now i can make a super saiyan XP

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