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Ghost Recon: Wildlands - Nomad "Sparky" Female Player Character (Custom)


Ghost squad leader Nomad extracted from Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands, based on my current player character in that game.


  • Multiple bodygroups for outfit variants
  • Arms can be disabled
  • Facial animation flexes (custom made by me)
  • Hybrid skeleton based on the original one made by Ubisoft with some bones made by me
  • Skingroups for face with and without "warpaint"


Model is put into multiple pieces, thanks to Source Engine limitations. In order to connect everything, make sure you zero down the roottransforms of all the models, then drag and drop the main model on top of the other models in order to move everything at once.

Be sure to hide the bones of the other models so that the main model's skeleton is only visible in the viewport.

I plan on adding more flexes based on the skeleton made by Ubi, so stay tuned for that.



Do not use this model for commercial purposes or in any way which you may directly profit from it, eg. redistributing it with a price tag. I do not own this model and I am not responsible if you get in trouble for doing so. You may modify, share or redistribute the model in any way you want to another website under the condition you follow the previous set of rules as well as make sure you give proper credit to original developers as well as myself, you don't have to notify me directly if you plan on doing so. You can optionally leave a link to this page if you want, but make sure to give proper credit to the proper authors.


Known bugs:

To be added...



  • Ubisoft
  • Me for skinning and porting models to SFM


Link to textures is below. Just slap the materials folder to where ever you usually place your workshop stuff and hit replace if it ask that:


Raw version of the model with real weights and other stuff can be found here:



No I will not be taking any requests or commissions as I'm in the army, I don't have much free time left to spare on such things. If I wasn't, maybe yes.

_MaZ_ posted 4 months, 1 week ago

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