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[FORTNITE] Sun Strider (Enhanced)


Rig :
Face bones : [✔]
Face flexes : [X]
Viewtarget : [✔]

-Jigglebones : Hair, Hat, Breasts, Butt, Hair, Backpack, Whistle, Medpack, Ankle
bracelet, some Outfit meshes.
-Bodygroups : Hat, Hair for the hat/Default, Backpack, Whistle, Medpack, Ankle bracelet
-2 eyes color (Brown and Blue)
-Hair/Breasts/Butt/Backpack bones

Little credit would be appreciated ;)
If there are problems, feel free to ask on the comment section and i will respond.
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Special thanks to Garean for helping me with the poster, check his tumblr :

PS : Face flexes still not here, will add after.
PS2 : Nude bodygroups will come after.


Her eyes have pink textures for me, anyone know how to fix this?

Birdx posted 8 months, 3 weeks ago

How can i use the nude model?

LordSkidipapap posted 2 months ago

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