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WoW Male High Mountain Tauren - Rodann by ColonelYobo

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Another port of ColonelYobos WoW models, this time it's the male high mountain tauren (for some diversity)
Materials are similar to Faye, so just textures and bump maps with phong.
The port is far from finished, but it's usable. Some flexes are included, and I had to edit the mesh a bit.

As far as rigging is concerned: Toe controlled rig from Steam workshop kinda works, but double jointed legs seem to be a problem with SFM in general. I may include some rig later


  • some basic flexes (facial and body flexes)
  • jigglebones (butt, balls, mane, beard, feathers)
  • facial bones and other bones for posing
  • bodygroups for loincloth, pouch, nose ring and feathers
  • eyeposing (viewtarget)
  • finger posing

Known issues:

  • no rig included, toe controlled rig from workshop seems to work though
  • no extensive testing
  • jigglebones for balls are placeholders


  • jigglebones that react to gravity (for balls, and maybe nose ring)
  • proper rig (not familiar with Python, or writing rigs, toe controlled rig from workshop works though)
  • general testing to find potential issues

Blizzard for making WoW and High Mountain Tauren
ColonelYobo for the Blender model
Me for porting it


Commander Shepard

I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite model on SFMLab.

Commander Shepard posted 8 months ago

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