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WoW Female Nightborne - Enuleth by ColonelYobo

18+ Warning

This file contains adult content! By downloading this file you agree that you are at least 18 years of age and wish to see such material.


Another port of ColonelYobos WoW models, and a female nightborne might be something for a wider audience, compared to Vulpera and Highmountain Tauren ports.

The port is at a stage where I would call it complete, so unless there are some issues I missed, I'd say it's the final version for the moment.

Mets rig used to work at some point, but after having some issues and starting from scratch, it didn't seem to work any more, so I added a basic autorigger rig. Valve biped 3spine also works, but then flexes are hidden.


  • basic rig included
  • jigglebones (butt, boobs, hair, ponytail, ears)
  • facial bones and other bones for posing
  • eyeposing (viewtarget, but kinda useless since eyes glow anyway)
  • finger and toe posing
  • body groups for hair band and jewelry (can be removed)
  • eyes emit some light to simulate glow effect, and optional skin with glowing tattoos
  • a number of facial and body flexes, should be enough to cover the basics

Known issues:

  • didn't test every possible pose, but in general no big issues I encountered so far


  • enjoy the results of multiple hours wasted on this port

Blizzard for making WoW and Nightborne
ColonelYobo for the Blender model
Me for porting it


Commander Shepard

I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite model on SFMLab.

Commander Shepard posted 5 months ago


You get a free banana for keeping this shitty travesty locked in SFM from which nobody has used it, may it remain as a testiment to your failures and regretable time usage choices. Thank god nothing like it is on Gmod, we seriously dont need more goddamn WoW garbage, the amount of effortless crap thats been put there like for example, this piece of shit WE DONT NEED MORE TRASH ON OUR WORKSHOP, so thank YOU for doing your part and keeping this rut OUT!

Archmond posted 1 day, 2 hours ago


Don't worry, I have no plans to port anything for GMod since I only used it for TTT and prop hunt, after all it's a sandbox game and not proper animation software.

dong_jovi posted 19 hours ago


Good, clever idiot. Oh but it is a proper animation software, not that thats what its primary use has been, same as for SFM. If you do not consider all the Gmod animation videos hilarious in all their janky charm, you should kill yourself, you should kill yourself alone by wasting your worthless time on this ugly duisgusting SFM exclusive. Wasting time on something nobody cant and wont use, what an idiot. Good fucking luck finding a screenshot of this repulsive zombie that's not yours.

Archmond posted 14 hours ago


An edgy little piss stain, aren't ya?

Puls3wave posted 13 hours ago


People also made animations with WoW, even some hilarious ones, but that doesn't make it animation software. If you want to use your old argument of 'more people use it', well more people used MS Paint than Photoshop, or Windows movie maker than Sony Vegas, but it doesn't make it a better software for the task. And don't worry about how I waste my time, it's my time I waste, not yours, you already do a good job of wasting it by shitposting 24/7. And I'm pretty sure I've already seen some images of this model online, so at least some people found use for it. Once again: if you don't like a model, don't use it. If you find it ugly, feel free to make a better one, software for it is free (Blender), and there are plenty of good tutorials.

dong_jovi posted 9 hours ago


Yes it does idiot, because its actualy possible to use content on those not so advanced softwares, allowing larger crowds of not so advanced users in having a shot at something that they like and interest them but they arent up to the task of taking it far, moron, but hey, its a good thing something can exist on any platform, right? Not that its the case here as youre doing us a favour and keeping this blue turd caged away from most everyone. I sincerely gurrantee you the 1300 current users of SFM wont touch this pile of dung with a pole stick compared to the 27.000 current users of GMOD which draws a higher chance of this ACTUALY being used at all. Oh im not worried about your worthless time, im not worried at all, i dont give a fucking shit about you whatsoever, but i am allowed to point out your poor life decisions you bafoon, i get to point out what a retard you are and how you waste your time, im allowed to and you make it way too damn easy and enjoyable. Yeah, sure buddy, sure, you saw 1 screenshot per 1 person out of 32 people who liked this, sure, WHAT AN ACHIEVEMENT and you got yourself to thank for such poor results and keeping out everyone from your rubbish shit being used, luckily. Some but imagine the numbers if you had properly released this piece of shit, somewhere more ''deserving'' and that is actualy used, deserving is what you would think. Idiot trying to make a cool kids club but nobody joined it, lol. Unlike you, i wont waste time retard, keep humoring me with brainless requests. Good tutorials can never be good enough idiot, not everyone can ever be on the same level as you ( in this case, thank god for that, i wouldnt want to be you, to have to do anything with you.)

Archmond posted 4 hours ago


Looks like Artuurs is back with another account, huh?

TheJoker116 posted 3 hours ago


Alright, I'll break this down so some actual competency takes place here. Let's start with your base "statistics" first. Not only are you assuming that the majority of those use Garry's Mod as an infallible argument being better than Source Filmmaker (which you are still wrong about, regardless), but you're also generalizing those numbers saying "everyone who uses Garry's Mod for animation." Which is false. A trip to fucking Youtube will show you very clearly that more than 90% of the videos on Garry's Mod, aren't used for animation but (as someone stated previously) for minigames. But, because you're a shitheaded, autistic, furry that only cares about jerking off to the "quality" of a model's feet, you're only furthering the decline of your credibility, reputation, and your lack of skills to properly critique anything without sounding like a 4-year-old with epilepsy. Everything you have stated thus far, really brings mention to that particular phrase "getting off on the wrong foot," but a more appropriate quote would better suit your status soon. Next time you get banned, you should stay that way because, in the words of the Soldier from Team Fortress 2 "You will not be missed."

BlueRose96 posted 3 hours ago


First off furry fucking idiot, if i ever said everyone, by that i meant ANYONE who does ANIMATIONS, not in a sense, every single person who uses Gmod, are doing animations, you stupid fucking twat. In 2019, yeah, minigames is all that is being mostly done but if you stupid inbred cunt had been born a little earlier, you would of known Gmod animations existed before SFM ever became avaivable (it honestly should of never had been) as early as 2004 or somewhere around that. If it was Gmod, it was most likely a animation, thats what a Gmod video was refered to as, you would see Gmod animations EVERYWHERE, and they were fucking hilarious and only got better, Ashenhousenwares445 was pretty much the pioneer of it, he was the best and he was so unique as to not overexgurate proportions and he kept doing them alongside everyone else till the early 2010s, Gmod was king and SFM was nowhere in sight, nowadays, SFM has killed Gmod animation, classic Gmoders are all but gone and unknown plague of SFM users have replaced them, never realy being as good as the ones who started it all, could fucking shower you with classics and hidden gems you weeb fucker. Youre a furry that calls me a furry, youre one dense motherfucker. Heh, if you think jerk off of that, imagine you, jerking off to fur, you duisgusting animal raping cripple fuck. And if you think its perfectly fine for lower limbs to lack in quality as long as that face or hands are in best quality and shape, you are one inperfectionistic worthless retarded blind sighted moron ignorant double standart piece of shit used up toilet paper. And you clearly never used your brain, if more people are using Gmod than SFM, clearly it tells that Gmod is better, because of accesability, features, content, easy to use, hard to master, SFM remains impossible to even get started with, stupid inbred cunt. Better to go with something you can use, not something you can only look in duisgust in the distance from. If anyone here is wrong its you shitbird. You cant tell me what to fucking do idiot, youre never going to get rid of me, you open those animal carcass craving eyes of yours and read me clear, IM NOT GOING ANYWHERE DIPSHIT. And you think i tought you were gonna miss me? Kill yourself BlueRose96 cancer.

Archmond posted 25 minutes ago

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