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Alicia (Raiders Of The Broken Planet) aka Spacelords


This character is from raiders of the broken planet as you can tell! I really love her model and I am surprised its not here yet.I have a few things to clean up but it's pretty much usable. Please report any problems so I can deal with them as well.

Face Rig
Face Flexes
Rigged skeleton

Credits:Mercury Steam



^ the discord is a joke, I got banned for saying I would gift ganonmaster undertale

AngryPocketPyro posted 2 months ago

@JecterPins Speaking of Spacelords... will you rip the other characters as well? Or is there a pack of the raw models or something somewhere?

Gavrail posted 2 months ago


@Gavrail, Yes I am planing on doing exactly that. It also shouldn't take that long as well since I've been fixing Alicia for about a year now, since all of this was very new to me to began with, and I've made lots of mistakes trying to rig this model in the first place, thank you for your interest as well.

JecterPins posted 2 months ago



Solitaire38 posted 2 months ago

Would you be interested in a Rip Commission? Just for a T pose .obj of "Subject 02" Loaht?

DarkViperBara posted 1 month ago

That discords run by power lunatics and morons. I got banned for saying "General kenobi." When a mod said hey there.

soriozorio posted 1 month ago


Oh yeah completely @DarkViperBara. What a nice request of a character including the skin as well. @soriozorio I have no idea how that place is, I only lurk about on there and never post, maybe it's better now?

JecterPins posted 1 month ago

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