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Allison Snow (Summer Lesson)


use whatever rig you use with xnalara models

this model was originally from here

this models textures are changed from the original ones above (hands + feet)

im just gonna copy and paste the rest of the description

this model has facial flexes and no jiggle bones

if ya plan on makin some footjob shit with her, use the “feet smoother” slider so her feet look even better

summer lesson girls shoulders are fuckin awful in certain situations. i changed the parenting which makes it work better, but you may still need to use the bones in the unknown tab to make it look better, depending on the pose

when you open the materials > models folder, you will see one called “DissidiaNT_Lightning_LR“. this is not a mistake, drag the folder alongside the other material one



Any news about a nude version?

venator5 posted 1 year, 1 month ago

can we get a nude version? <3

TheOtherOlive posted 1 year ago

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