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Sunset Shimmer

18+ Warning

This file contains adult content! By downloading this file you agree that you are at least 18 years of age and wish to see such material.




Let me catch my son writing a whole paragraph on his discontent with a 3D model... disown his ass.

IGThotsEarnMoreThanAstrounats posted 3 months ago



AngryPocketPyro posted 3 months ago

@Serejko I understand what you try to say to some extent, but you DO realize the limitations of the source engine, yes? What kind of updates would you have expected or liked, can you provide a specific example? As you brought up NexGen: This Sunset model is accurate to her show appearance, it stays true to the way she looks in the show. The NexGen anthro models don't try that so they obviously have much more freedom in what is and is not possible, but this show accuracy makes THIS Sunset model way superior to the anthros in some way, even if it has its limits. You can be happy that the NexGen exists without pooping on people who do the severerly underappreciated job of prodiving these show accurate models.

StealthyPone posted 3 months ago


@StealthyPone There are updates that completely change the model that seems to have been. I understand that this exact model was in the cartoon, but this person is naked in the movie was not. If this model was just in the steam workshop, without genitals and all that sort of thing, then there would be nothing to complain about, but such work on the genitals as this model, this year so 2000, no more. No offense to the author. But criticism as for me reasonable, looks too old for 2018, and even more so for 19 years. Could look better in General, just need to try.

Serejko posted 3 months ago


This is a west of time if you asked me! I mean why do you choose a cartoon character and modeling it for NSFW model? There’s no interesting project can be done with this!

Der_Skeleton posted 3 months ago

It was the west of times, it was the east of times! I am superfaggot Hurrpy Durrpy and i am to stupid to understand what NSFW models are there for. Why do they have genitalia? I don't have genitalia, so neither should they! >:(

ejuohbeoifuwj posted 3 months ago

Speak for yourselves guys, if you don't see a use for this model or are not interested in it that's fine. But I assure you there are people who appreciate it, me being one of them

StealthyPone posted 3 months ago


I planned to post here the CMC models and the main six, but as you can see from the comments, people are not interested.

KillTime85 posted 2 months, 1 week ago


Buck the trolls, I like it!

cynderdragon posted 2 months ago

@KillTime85 I would VERY much appreciate the mane6 if you feel like it. It's easier said than done but just ignore the haters

StealthyPone posted 1 month, 3 weeks ago

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