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Female Pandaren

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She was in need of a big refresher, so here goes:


  • Improved the weight painting on many areas, primarily the spine, hips, and face. She's got a lot of MASS still, so there's gonna be some awkward jaggedness in more extreme poses. There's correctional flexes and helper bones included that should help counteract it a little bit.

  • Removed excess bones and flexes and redid all the facial ones.

  • Re-organized the model into three separate parts: the body, the hair, and the outfit(s). The tail pattern is now changed with bodygroups, as is the hair gem for the 1st hairstyle.

NOTE: the outfit model spawns with all bodygroups turned off, since I've found myself only ever needing a few pieces at a time and turning off more stuff than I kept on.

  • For some godforsaken reason the QC eyes wouldn't work this time around, so the eyes are controlled via bones. I suppose the positive tradeoff is that you'll have much more direct control over how and where the eyes are looking. They're also bodygrouped into different colors (4 different ones).

  • Adjusted the face UVs so it's not mirrored on both sides. It's most noticeable in Skin 3 where she's got a splotch of color around her right eye.

  • Reorganized the hell out of the flexes and materials.


  • The model and materials are now placed under the folders "pandaren_female" as opposed to "paopao" in previous versions, so it won't overwrite your previous download if you for some reason want to keep the old model just for the QC eyes.

  • Now compatible with rig_biped_valve_3spine (included).

  • The body and outfit models have an extra skin slot for your own customisation. Just follow the established naming convention with the new VMTs/VTFs and you're good to go. The hair model instead has a white skin that's colorable with $vector3 or $color attributes in the material.

  • Added the in-game underwear in three bodygroups: full undies, the tabard, and just the "belt" portion of the undies that's designed to be combined with the tabard for a bit of "sneaky" nudity. Since it's skin tight it's a little finicky. There's fitting flexes that should help get you some of the way there, but in extreme poses there's gonna be a lot of weird stretching and model overlap.

There's probably something I missed or that needs fixing, please let me know if you find anything.



When you're scaling the model up, you wanna scale them all up the same amount before locking them together to avoid as much bugginess as possible. Say you scale up the body's rootTransform bone to 1.1, you wanna do the same to the rootTransform of the hair and outfit. Also make sure to turn off bone visibility of the hair and outfit models so you don't accidentally select those instead of the body bones

AvalonSFM posted 1 month, 3 weeks ago


Amazing work on the quick fixes and once again, super good models you're making! thank you so much. Though I did want to ask if you're thinking about adding more faces and hairstyles for the Pandaren and Worgen females?

Karry244 posted 1 month, 3 weeks ago


I'll probably get back to them at some point, I've just got too many other stuff I want to do first :)

AvalonSFM posted 1 month, 3 weeks ago


Amazing, thanks again and keep up the good work!

Karry244 posted 1 month, 3 weeks ago


cum on female panda

aj1614 posted 1 month, 3 weeks ago


@aj1614 Chill

Arllygaygoat posted 1 month, 2 weeks ago

I tried rigging it with the "Rig_Biped_Valve_3spine" and that did not seem to work, but it is the one you have labeled as compatible. However, "Rig_Biped_Valve_2spine" did work

Munchabunch posted 1 week, 6 days ago

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