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KP's Non-Denominational Geographically Unbiased Christmas Package


This file was originally uploaded by KP0988 who has left the community. This upload is not supported by me.

A few people asked me about putting together a prop pack for Christmas, so, I found some I liked, and put all this together for the holiday.

Now, I rushed a bit on some of these props, so they have a few quirks.
Mostly with scale, as I had to guess at it for some of them, and some of the textures are a bit off, because I had to do some of my own edits to them.

Also, I compiled with collision, so they should all be GMod compatible as well.

Here's the preview images in full..

It has a bit of a spin on the idea of what people can do at Christmas time, so I hope it's useful for that too. =)

Credits: and for all the prop/object extract and modding that they do.

Shaotek for his Male Talent pack.

The chat for the fitting title of the pack. ;)



Christmas tree is weak ;w;

DjPon3cze posted 3 years, 11 months ago

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