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Donkey Ollie


"The Adventures of Doney Ollie covers several years and takes him all over the Roman Empire where he's rescued from lions, shipwrecks, kidnappings and along the way he makes some great friends and really witnesses that God is always faithful and always answers prayers though not always in the ways we expect Him to."

SFM port of the official model of Donkey Ollie that I'd found back in August of this year by accident.

Donkey Ollie
-face morphs
-eye posing
-original model bones

Credits: Boat Angel, AberlieFilms, DQ Entertainment
Second Image By CrispyToast
Ported by me

3ds max 2019 + Wall Worm


that thing looks more like a cross between a bunny and a goat than a donkey

theofficaljoshuaiceman86 posted 2 months, 1 week ago

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