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Pulse Pilot (Titanfall 2)


Comes with male and female versions, both with red and blue skins! They also come with IK friendly counterparts, which you may recognise from the phase pilot I uploaded. These models are missing their "shouldermid" bone. The upside is that this means that you can rig these models easily with autorigger, and reuse the same rig on all the pilots. The downside is that part of the model's arm does not follow, and stays behind (see note at bottom of description).

This model features ambient occlusion using a specular map, which when used under phongexponent creates a nice metalic sheen on the metal bits. Also, surprisingly high res textures for a character model. The helmet is also bodygroupable, allowing you to put a headhack of any character you want on the pilot's body (the ones I used in the preview pics are models I downloaded from here ).

I would strongly recommend turning bloom down to 0 in your camera options (not that you should ever have bloom on, sfm bloom is no good), as the emmisive textures are quite glowy.

As always, let me know if anything is wrong, and enjoy!


No bone for controlling eye. Shouldn't be too much of a problem seeing as how you can barely see the eyes from the front, but if you want a close up with moving eyes, that wont happen. You might be better off animating it jerking it's head around, almost like a bird, instead.

LOTS of bones. Fixed with IK rig as long as you unselect Unknown bones, but rig is also flawed (see rig description for more info)

That's all I'm aware of for now


The purpose of the IK friendly models is so that you can animate the arms in IK, and when you're done, detach the rig, copy the animation from motion editor, and paste it onto the normal model (Also! The forearms will be out of place after pasting onto normal model; Fix this by selecting the forearms position, making sure rotation is unselected, and dragging the default slider to bring it into place). Please dont comment "model's arm is broken, doesnt work", you'll hurt my feelings. The model is working as intended.

I don't own any rights to Titanfall 2


hey man, cool model, but I suggest you remove the photos of them with their helmets off. I downloaded this thinking you could remove the helmet and you can't. Just a heads up, at the end of the day it's your page but thought I'd suggest it. cheers

ast12333 posted 4 weeks, 1 day ago


The models I used in the thumbnails can be found here You can remove the helmet using the bodygroup feature. The idea behind those thumbnails were that you could put any character on the pilot you want, rather than leaving them faceless soldiers (TF2 characters, a Loli, some MLP character, doesnt matter). When you remove the helmet, there is nothing underneath, and you just add a headhack. Nothing is actually underneath the helmet for the game model, and I'm not going to steal somebody's model, even if they only ported it and didnt make it.

Alpha_Derp posted 4 weeks ago

ahhh gotcha. i can be slow at times lol

ast12333 posted 4 weeks ago



Ugh, keep the helmets on!

arttuurrs - BANNED - posted 4 weeks ago


they dont look *that* unattractive...

Alpha_Derp posted 4 weeks ago


me likey

BonedBill posted 4 weeks ago


Good models matey! mind if i ask someone to port these to Gmod?

S0CIALHUNTER posted 3 weeks, 4 days ago


feel free, its not like i own the rights to titanfall to stop you

Alpha_Derp posted 3 weeks, 2 days ago



BonedBill posted 2 weeks, 2 days ago

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