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Hyrule Warriors Zelda (BOTW Costume)


Hyrule Warriors Zelda with some slight "enhancements"

I made this with the intent to use it, but I never did, so im sure someone will.


Yeah I'd like a non-enhanced version too. The ass specifically is stupidly non-canon.

Skuolfi posted 3 months ago


The point wasn't for it to be canon, lmao

Atsuko posted 3 months ago



SuperMario posted 3 months ago


gib canon size pls fam

safemode posted 3 months ago


@safemode If you want I can give you the ascii file for blender:

NeuForm posted 3 months ago

@atsuko dp you have a blog to follow?

Deleted posted 3 months ago


I have a Twitter, and Newgrounds

Atsuko posted 3 months ago


Very nice. Just need a nude version now. :3

Rd1991 posted 3 months ago


Quick, download it before the Nintendo copyrightards get after it!

the_randomizer posted 2 months, 4 weeks ago


Uh, I ported a regular version. I had no idea this version was 'Enhanced'. Never uploaded it here because it was my understanding that Nintendon't models usually get taken down.

Lorisor posted 2 months, 4 weeks ago

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