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Fallout - Assaultron Redux


A reworked version of FroggySFM's assaultron port that's been years in the making after several changes. Featuring a new curvy shape, remade textures mixed with HD modded textures, and a few weight and bone changes. All models by me will be uploaded to DriftYourBonewheel first then uploaded days later to here.

  • [By the request of the original modellers and team of people behind releasing this model, we ask for this to not be used in any type of paywall. Whether it’s exclusive, alternatives, or even full resolution content locked behind a paywall. However early access content at the maximum of 2 weeks has been given an okay. It’s still not preferred, but in the end it would get out to the people as long as it’s the same as what patreons would’ve gotten, which is the list of things stated previously. Posting WIPs are completely fine to do though. Continuously going against this request will result in future planned models for the public to be cancelled and made private to people who can be approved]


  • Reworked HD 1k textures from Bethesda's old 512 textures
  • 8 Different Skins: Default, Default Plain, PAM, PAM Plain, ADA, Medic, Nuka Cola, Gunner, Novatron (Gunner & Novatron will have to replace one of the other skins or inserted though material overrides due to sfm's 32 material limit)
  • Multiple bodygroups for the body parts, armor pieces, buttplate, antenna, head bases, & face plates
  • Butt bones, Thigh helper bones, & Crotch helper bones

[Reccomended to use AkkoArcade's Vulva model to use with this model for NSFW purposes]


  • Original model ported by FroggySFM
  • Original mesh edit by AtuskoNSFW
  • Additional mesh editing, texture editing, and porting by CrayZeMojo (Me)
  • Additional mesh editing, weight editing, and bone editing by MrUnadulteratedFan
  • Specular textures by fadingsignal

Posters by scrungusbungus, WHITE-CROW, CrayZeMojo (Me)



Hey, it looks really good!

Atsuko posted 9 months ago


@Atsuko Thanks! ^^

Planet-GoGo posted 9 months ago

OH my GOD !!! Thamks YOU :-O

Vilik Melstyk posted 9 months ago


they look pretty cool but one problem why add "Butt bones, Thigh helper bones, & Crotch helper bones" its a robot i dont think it works like that

BonedBill posted 9 months ago


@BonedBill The butt is meant to be a rubbery material so it won't be solid metal, the thigh helper bones are for helping weights near the legs in extreme poses, and the crotch helper bones are for fixing clipping if the vulva model by AkkoArcade is used on the model.

Planet-GoGo posted 9 months ago

hell yeah!

ast12333 posted 9 months ago


How does one even get the vuvla model?

Wow_Porn posted 9 months ago


inb4 nsfw version gets released

FluffyCloud posted 9 months ago


@Wow_Porn You can get the vulva model from here, completely free - @FluffyCloud This is as NSFW as it'll get for this one. We tried getting a vagina modelled into the assaultron, but the way bethesda did the mesh for the model made it too messed up to make it look alright without decimating the textures, UV, and weights. Only other way would've been to completely redo the pelvis region from scratch, but a modeller I had help from wasn't feeling it and at that point it would've been better to redo the whole entire thing from scratch. So the easiest way we decided was to slap on the vulva model to the assaultron.

Planet-GoGo posted 9 months ago

Hey Mojo, this is great stuff. I had a question for you....I'm looking for the Deathclaw model with the huge ass....I think I've seen you use it. Do you know who I should go to in order to get it? I'm fully willing to pay the creator for access, I just don't know who made the model.

ast12333 posted 9 months ago

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